The ministry of the Shrine of St. Joseph focuses around four main pillars of service:

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12:00 pm SA Group Meeting @ Shrine of St. Joseph - Hope Room
SA Group Meeting @ Shrine of St. Joseph - Hope Room
May 27 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
10:30 am AA Meeting @ Shrine of St. Joseph -Residence Retreat Room
AA Meeting @ Shrine of St. Joseph -Residence Retreat Room
May 28 @ 10:30 am – 12:00 pm

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Who We Are

We are a Missionary Shrine, rooted in the Catholic faith tradition, extending our open arms to all who seek God.  We welcome all God's children; the poor, the abandoned, and those who seek God's peace and justice!

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Reflections: A Grateful Devotion To The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit works in you, and therefore the gladness of the Church today is a personal gladness with us. The Holy Spirit possesses you; you are marked and pointed and signed and sealed unto the Holy Spirit. You are His. And Oh, that wonderful merit the Lord obtained through the shedding of His Blood the Holy Spirit applied to your soul! In the words of St. Paul: “How much more shall the blood of Christ, who by the Holy Spirit offered himself unspotted unto God, cleanse our conscience.”(Heb. 9:14) Think of the action in your soul in the reception of the Sacraments! And what is the greatest charm of your body O what is your body's supremest glory? Your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, truly temples of the Holy Spirit. You know the Holy Spirit operates not only in your soul but in your body. He is jealous of that body of yours. O, what is it that gives light to your eye, that causes your optic nerve to function? It is the Holy Spirit. Who gives you health and grace and charm, who is it that has molded you so exquisitely and splashed the color of a rose in your cheek. It is the Holy Spirit. Would you be well? Pray to this Father of Lights, pray to this Holy Spirit from Whom comes every decent and good gift.He works particularly in your souls, for after all, the body is only happy, the body is only favored because of its association with the soul, because of its personal union with the soul. And yet how little have we honored the Holy Spirit. O, truly can it be said He is the unknown God, and even to us who are enlightened He is too often the hidden God, the forgotten God.                                          Fr. Thomas A. Judge, CM


Reflexiones: Una devoción agradecida al Espíritu Santo

El Espíritu Santo obra en ustedes y por lo tanto el gozo de la Iglesia hoy es una alegría que es personal para nosotros. El Espíritu Santo ha tomado posesión de ustedes. Han sido marcados, dirigidos contratados y sellados para el Espíritu Santo. Ustedes le pertenecen. Y, ¡O, ese mérito maravilloso que el Señor obtuvo al derramar su Sangre, el Espíritu Santo se lo aplica a sus almas! Y en las palabras de San Pablo: “Cuanto más su sangre purificará nuestra conciencia de las obras de
muerte para que sirvamos al Dios vivo” (Hebreos 9, 14). ¡Piensen en la acción que la recepción de los Sacramentos produce en las almas de ustedes! ¿Y cuál es el mayor encanto de sus cuerpos, o cuál es la gloria suprema de sus almas? Sus cuerpos son templos del Espíritu Santo, verdaderamente templos del Espíritu Santo. Ustedes saben que el Espíritu Santo obra no sólo en sus almas sino también en sus cuerpos. Él está celoso del cuerpo de ustedes. ¿O, qué es lo que le brinda luz a sus ojos, lo que hace que el nervio óptico funcione? Es el Espíritu Santo. ¿Quién les concede salud, gracia y encantos, quién lo ha moldeado tan exquisitamente y ha depositado el color de rosa en sus mejillas? Es el Espíritu Santo. ¿Quieren sentirse bien? Oren al Padre de las luces, oren al Espíritu Santo de quien procede todo don bueno y apropiado.                                                               P. Thomas A. Judge, CM