Recovery Ministry

Recovery Ministry

“Nothing can separate you from the love of God.”  Romans 8:37

The Regional Recovery Initiative of the Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity relocated from Baltimore, MD to the Shrine of Saint Joseph in July, 2014. Now known as the Recovery Ministry at the Shrine of Saint Joseph we work to build community and promote spirituality for recovery. We do this by hosting retreats and programs for anyone seeking recovery or for those whose life has been impacted by addiction. We focus our outreach primarily, but not exclusively, to residents of treatment centers.

We believe that no one should be excluded from spending focused, quality time exploring their faith journey and building a fuller relationship with God because they are of limited financial means. We offer scholarships for all our programs and retreats.

We encourage you to come and see. You do not have to be in recovery to contribute or benefit from this ministry; just willing to share with another brother or sister your own journey of faith… your stories of success and failure… of drawing closer to our loving God.

Please contact us for more information or if you would like us to work with your group, church or organization.