Building Bridges to Peace


High School and Middle School students participate in a "Building Bridges to Peace" retreat that fosters a non-violent approach to peace making.

Students work in teams and groups to discuss and act-out scenarios on ‘bullying’, ‘building peace within themselves’. The students listen, create scenarios of day-to-day actions that provoke, irritate, and cause harm to others. They then find peaceful ways of interacting with one another, ending the session with their own posters and words of peaceful living. 

The afternoon session is devoting to meditation at the Tower of Remembrance, the Shrine’s memorial to 9/11 victims created from rubble of the World Tower Building, and the icon, Turning From Violence, a triptych  that studies world passage from anger, to violence to peace.

The retreats are open to all school children, who are accompanied by their teachers and principals. For information call the Shrine at 908-647-0208.