Intentional Eucharistic Community

Welcome to the Emmaus Christian Community at the Shrine of Saint Joseph!Emmaus

Mass time 10am     

Mission Statement:

The Emmaus Christian Community is a spiritual grounding place where experiencing and celebrating the mysteries of living and dying build and challenge our Catholic faith. Believing in the uniqueness of the individual, the community is a people whose freedom flows from a sense of family and belonging, and whose relationships foster deeper spirituality. Community members seek God by discovering the Christ within and in others—through liturgy, sacramental life, education, hospitality and mutual support. Modeled on John XXIII's spirit of inquiry and acceptance, the community is both challenging to itself as well as tolerant of change, failure and ambiguity.

The community offers an alternative to the geographically bounded parish. It is circular rather than vertical in structure, encouraging dialogue and listening, and shared responsibility, as well as support of individually initiated ministries. We encourage people to contribute their time and talent, giving of themselves in whatever way they can. Reaching out beyond serving its own needs, the community tries to balance the personal and social gospel messages.


The Emmaus Christian Community is an "intentional" Catholic community, which means that people come here because they choose to do so, rather than just because they live nearby or because they fall within a geographically defined boundary. We are a lay-run community, with members assuming responsibility for our own governance. This means that our members share in carrying out the many different activities that define us and give our time together form and meaning. Whether it's the planning of our Sunday worship service, the managing of our finances, or the implementing of our social action agenda, we each try to do our part. We feel that working together on any of these ministries allows us to put into action our Christian faith. It also gives us the opportunity to form the bonds with each other that make our Community a place where genuine caring and concern between members flourishes.