8 am Worship


St. Joseph’s Sunday 8 am Liturgy


“We come together as a supportive and apostolic community to worship God in the Roman Catholic tradition. We welcome all to the Shrine to experience our faith, join our journey, and learn about faith in your everyday life.”

Some of Our Ministries and Activities:

Music Ministry – Our choir sings every Sunday at 8:00 AM Mass and on Holidays. If you have an interest, please contact Gen Webber, the Choir Director, or see a choir member after 8:00 o’clock Mass.

New Year’s Day Brunch –  Everyone is welcome. Feel free to bring a friend or relative who would otherwise be alone on that day so they can share in our Shrine fellowship.  The brunch is free.

Ministry to the Sick – Whether it’s a ride to Church or bringing communion to shut-ins, the Community stands ready to help.

Monthly Devotions – On the first Monday of every month throughout most of the year.  Devotions to God the Father, St. Joseph, Mary, the Mother of God, the Trinity and the Sacred Heart are offered to the entire community.  Check calendar for dates and times.

Hospitality Sunday – On the first Sunday of each month, old friends as well as new are welcome to spend some time in fellowship following Mass.