Mission Statement

Shrine of St. Joseph

Father_TAJ__Mission_Statements_The Shrine was established by Fr. Thomas August Judge, C.M. in 1924 as a place for residents of the Northeast to be renewed in their faith and sent out as missionaries in the providence of their everyday life. A place to grow in understanding that every Catholic is an apostle; leaven for the world. The Shrine is operated by the religious community that Fr. Judge founded, the Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity.

The Shrine is a “Mission Center”, a place of learning, celebrating, healing and sending. As a Mission Center the religious and lay staff minister under the Missionary Servant Rule of Life which states: “Our specific mission is the preservation of the faith in those areas and among those people who are spiritually neglected and abandoned, especially the poor. Our chief effort is to develop a missionary spirit in the laity, with the goal that every Catholic be an apostle.”



Following this charism the Shrine focuses its ministry around four main pillars:

Spiritual and Apostolic Formation: Programs that develop a missionary spirit in the laity “with the goal that every Catholic be an apostle.”

Recovery Ministry: Retreat Programs and meetings to assist individuals and their families heal from the effects of addiction and build a spiritual foundation for recovery.

Peace Center: Programs building on-site 9/11 Memorial, Peace Icon and successful “Building Bridges to Peace” offer education and insights into peace issues as well as opportunities to take part in peace building and advocacy.

Human Rights and Development: Programs and activities that welcome a diverse community of people affected by and / or passionate about justice and human dignity issues, such as immigration, poverty, food security, minimum wage, systemic change, etc. and facilitate efforts to address these issues as well as form collaborative ties with other Missionary Servant missions in the United States, Mexico and Latin America.