Honoring Saint Joseph


“Ite Ad Joseph – Go To Joseph”IMG_20150723_150101_919

The Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity, ever faithful to the words of their Founder, Father Thomas Augustine Judge, have for 90 years encouraged people to be a pilgrim and to “go to Joseph”.

Today, they are still inviting ordinary pilgrims to COME TO JOSEPH AND HIS SHRINE

+Come to Joseph: All seeking faith and hope and you will be challenged to be an apostle; a missionary.

+Come to Joseph: All consecrated women and men and rediscover your dream with St. Jospeh in the silence of Nazareth.

+Come to Joseph: All our Latino brothers and sisters and pray with Senora de Guadalupe and San Jose.

+Come to Joseph: All those with addicted and afflicted lives and know a new kind of mercy and love.

+Come to Joseph: One and all and know that he will provide the gift of the Bread of Life and the Sacrament of our Salvation.

+Come to Joseph: Patron of all workers and find rest from your labor.

+Come to Joseph: you will find comfort and rest for your spirit.

Ninety Years ago the voice of Father Thomas Augustine Judge spoke the words, ITE AD JOSEPH, Go to Joseph. Today, this 21st century, the Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity, trumpet that call anew, Come to the Shrine of St. Joseph.

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